Get involved in EXO-LEGS!

We are seeking volunteers to participate as end users in the research

As part of the project we are setting up an EXO-LEGS End Users Group (EEUG) comprising the following:

  • Primary AAL end users: elderly persons who will actually use EXO-LEGS products
  • Secondary AAL end users: friends and relatives of primary end users or AAL care organisations
  • Tertiary AA end users: organisations contributing in organising and supporting the AAL sector

We would like to invite all persons who are interested in being involved in defining and helping us develop assistive mobility exoskeletons for the elderly to join the EEUG.

The participation in the EEUG is tailored to suit individual persons and covers the following general levels:

  1. Low involvement: Here you need only respond to simple questionnaires (via email) on what is being proposed by the EXO-LEGS Partnership, and if you agree with the ideas being put forward or not. Some short documents summarising the suggestions will be sent to you to allow you to do this.
  2. Medium involvement: You can request the full DRAFT reports via email and make detailed comments on any aspects as well as suggest areas that have more importance for assisting the mobility of elderly persons. This can be followed up with telephone and e-meetings to discuss things in more detail.
  3. High involvement: You can attend face-to-face meetings and events that are planned to be held and participate in the detailed discussions to develop the ideas and the implementation plans. There are some finances available within the project to support EEUG members for attending the EXO-LEGS meetings and events.

The intention is to set up the EEUG which will be engaged with the details of the EXO-LEGS workplan and the following interactions are expected:

  1. EEUG requirements for AAL mobility assistance
  2. Comments on the concept designs and the prototype exoskeletons realised
  3. Actual experimental testing of the exoskeletons produced
  4. Assisting in defining the business and service models for developing AAL EXO-LEGS products
  5. Other follow on research projects in this area

Confidential details of EEUG members will not be passed to any third party and all inputs made will be used in an anonymous manner. EEUG members are free to leave the project without giving any reason.

If you are interested to join the EEUG please contact the EXO-LEGS coordinator Prof Virk.

Professor Gurvinder S. Virk
Professor of Robotics and the Built Environment
Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development
University of Gävle, Kungsbäcksvägen 47, S-801 76 Gävle, SWEDEN
P: +46 26 648704 M: +46 705 406425